The Coffee Roaster House

Cup-on grinded coffee beans of decafe & specialities


Greeen, Green, Green

Newly cropped beans are coming one after another. I would like to get them for stock but I am so short of resource. Only l can get a kg or two per a crop. May be I should go for a cloud funding.

No black and brown beans but Green

I have been waiting for some components; the designated glue for the back panel heater is going to come next week and so on. And my sence of taste and smell have not yet recovered fully I suppose this is the reason why I cannot enjoy coffe…


ちょっとね。あまりいろいろなことを書き過ぎてしまうと、昼間の仕事場に筒抜けになりかねないので、いつも悩みます。 ということで、しばらく更新はおやすみします。 もっとコーヒーに直結した話題がないとつまんないですよね。 それとやはり早く、店をしっ…