The Coffee Roaster House

Cup-on grinded coffee beans of decafe & specialities

What I have found out so far

I ve bn working on the roasting stuff for quite a while and found out that the ideal roasting I have been looking for largely depends on the quality of the raw bean.   It has to be old traditional seeds , typica or like and refined then treated right after the crop.   If the raw beans are right all you have to do is to put em in the probat and its over.

If you dont care the small capacity even Ikawa may be good enough.

Since it is not that easy to get the right bean what I have been longing for.   It is no longer useful trying to develop a new roasting method on Fuji or like.

So I decided to go on  the last experiments; most of what I have projected to execute on Fuji Royal.

I have already set to preheat the front and the back panel by electricity at the same time.  We ll see if it works to shorten the time to preheat and stablize the roasting.