Coffee Beans Kurochamame

for Dripbags, Coffeemakers and hand-brewing

Oh, Drum moter, you too!!

It stopped again whilest I was going to start roasting the mandelin G1.   In fact i had to assist the motor by grabing the belt several times.
Guess, I must have poured in the raw beans much gentely.   It proved that the density of the mandehlin bean is higher than that of Brazil pulped natural.    It never stop rotating when I treat the machine in the same maner on brazil.  In other words, the density of the coffee beans can be measured by the rotation of the old fuji R103 drum.

So, I think I must replace the old drum motor sooner or later.

And one of the preheater died with a spark.    First I thought it was due to the failure of the chineese contorollers.   Later found out that  a japanese brand heater blew off well under the maximum temperature limit.

Some of the wire made short circuit when the breaker tripped.    I have to work on that wiring again before the next roasting.