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After a long absence

Since mid February. I had been felling something wrong in my sence of taste and smell, I could not enjoy the flavor that comes out of black & brown beans and also my physical condition was not so well  that  I stopped roasting and went on remodeling my Fuji roaster to improve  its heat storage charactoristics.

To my surprise, I could go for more than six weeks without roasting and consumed  so little of fresh coffee but my physical condition has been much better than any hay fever season of last several  years.     

Part of the reason may be, I have been taking 150 to 200% dose of  the otolaryngology drug conbined with a single dose medicine (usually taken once in several days) I take more than twice in a week .

But it does not explain everything.  To raize my immunity, I have been trying to stay in bed for seven hours.  Though,this simple remedy never worked in my past life and especially recent years its such little of help that I needed assist power of coffee roasting,  so there must be another reason why.