Coffee Beans Kurochamame

for Dripbags, Coffeemakers and hand-brewing

New Drum motor on the run


Its tuff enough to rotate at 132hz or 2.5x speed

If I adjusted the drum gap right, the drum might not have stopped during the previous batch.  But it is not good to work on a machine caring about or fearing that it could stop at anytime, I replaced the motor to a 0.1kw Mitsubishi.    So now, the R-103 is equipped with a inverter driven variable drum motor which rotates at its slow rotisserie mode to a 2.5x speed.    This helps to get the beans on the test spoon when the amount of bean is small enabling the roaster to adjust the proportion between the heat transfer from the drum and the convection.   Just like Inoue and Giessen.   I am going to set the base frequency between 45hz -50hz to slow down the drum .   ie) Original speed can be achived at appx. 54-55hz.