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just around five pounds retreat

Still on the way

I was about to throw away like trash one of the previous batches though, something struck my mind that I tried it over a drip bag and turned out it was one of the best batches with that roasting degree; at least when it is served by that cheap offhand stuff.   It took me more than two weeks to find out it was worth dealing.   I was really wondering that whilest I was on the roast the batch went real smooth and the face of the beans seemed quite right at most of moments on the test spoon.   But the cupping and brewing were devastating for days.     I guess I must find a better way to judge the true value of the output.   It is far more easier if you get trained at some traditional old coffee shop for some years that you learn certain style and you dont need to feel get lost.
Well, it was that the effciency of extraction was record high.  I was trying that thing too thick.   For a cup of coffee 8g was enough for me and 6 to 7g could be better for most of woman.    

Anyhow, the result tells me that the feel I had duaring the roast was surely right that my old fuji acted more like a Probat in the mid of the roast.   It means that the preheat system worked fine.   The third batch was the best and the system really functioned to shorten the idoling time then to stabilize the roast but it brought other problems that the front panel with electorical heater  interfered the bean temp. and the heater on the back panel passed away suddenly.    The interference on the bean temp. is hard to avoid and the only way for me is to get accustomed to the new environment and give up comparing the readings with other roasters.   For the back panel I will consult the manufacturer of the heating device to find a way to safely attach the heater to the back panel.   The thickness of the plate I set over the heater was the reason why I could not adjust the front gap on the minimum track.                                                                          Now, the both drum and fan motors are replaced brand new and inverter driven so the machine is basically alright.    I detached heaters and employed primitive strategy to heat up the front panel.   I am going to set the drum gap wider during the idoling stage and will curtail it before charging the beans.   This simple method could work better without interfaring too much to the bean temp. readings.    For the back panel I will need to be patient till the forth or fifth batch.   Later  I will find better way to save time, gas and beans for idoling.