The Coffee Roaster House

Cup-on grinded coffee beans of decafe & specialities

To be exact, It was one home run one three bases and two smash hits

I re-examined the current batches to find out that I forgot and omit one batch which I had to put the beans on the roaster twice.   I did not intend to do this but the fire went off at the early stage of one before last  roasting.    Out of total eight batches, One is an off-home run and another is neary a running home run and so on.   Out of draws and looses, the first two batches and one batch of Kenya which I never really failed to roast properly were not as good as I expected.   These again reminded me of the importance of preheating the front panel. 
 Due to the change of season or weather,  may be, the parameters changed more than I predicted ; it was so hard to compensate for the current settings.   It also pushed me to preheat the back panel, too. 
I worked on this theme and I learned how to install the heater on the back panel last Sunday; getting ready for the final tests on this environment.