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Inverter Driven exhaust/cooling fan for Fuji 0.1-2.2x speed

Inverter driven exhaust/cooling fan

In the first place, I didnt want to change the motor this early because I have been so short of resource that I wanted to go on with what I had.    

But the incident happed one day when I was checking the gap between the cooling and roasting switch lever flap my finger touched something hard.  It was obviously the exhaust / cooling fan that rotating 1720 times per minute.   In that instant, I thought my finger would be torn or lost  never to recover.  Can you imagine what have happend?  Instead of tearing my finger THE FAN STOPPED!!  It really did and I judged then realized that the assist of the 140W DC fan at the end of cyclone may not be enough and this faint moter has to be replaced.

ie.) Later, I changed some settings; PWM frequency upto 14.5 khz it became so quiet  at 50/60hz operation.  With its full power it  loudly claims its exsistance but even at 90hz it is really smooth and muted.  Amazing!!