The Coffee Roaster House

just around five pounds retreat


Swapped to magnetic tripping?

For the magnetic swiches are 30 years old and out of production. It is taking such a long time to inquire the specifications for alternate. I decided to dismantle the magnetic switches and found out the reason why they trip so frequently. …

New Roast Record Format

a new format or matrix I made a new format to record roasting process supporting long range roast up to 40 minutes or more. May be I should try roasting without preheating.

Fruity but not so sweet as Honey, I thought

nice fashionable counter One of my friend insist me I should go push my bean to be introduced to a coffee shop in mid of fukuoka pref. Although they serve coffee with beans of a famous speciality coffee roaster. I found a new branch of the…

Temperature monitoring device up in front of the roaster

can't find time to make a solid control panel Now, I don't need to peep in the monitor just to check the temps.

Greeen, Green, Green

Newly cropped beans are coming one after another. I would like to get them for stock but I am so short of resource. Only l can get a kg or two per a crop. May be I should go for a cloud funding.

To be exact, It was one home run one three bases and two smash hits

I re-examined the current batches to find out that I forgot and omit one batch which I had to put the beans on the roaster twice. I did not intend to do this but the fire went off at the early stage of one before last roasting. Out of tota…